The essential Network Detection and Response guide for CISO & CIO

Discover why NDR is an essential component to strengthen your defence system


The key outcomes of this NDR guide:  

Combining NDR with your EDR, SIEM or firewalls creates a robust line of defence

The architecture of NDR technology
Key steps to successfully implementing an NDR solution 
7 benefits of using a combination of AI and ML in your NDR system.

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A clear and bold heading

A clear and bold heading

Leader in cyber threat detection, Gatewatcher has protected the critical networks of major companies and public institutions worldwide since 2015.


Our Network Detection and Response (NDR) and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) solutions detect intrusions and respond quickly to all attack techniques.


By combining AI with dynamic analysis techniques, Gatewatcher provides a 360° real-time view of cyber threats across the entire network, in the cloud and on-premise.


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