Everything you need to know about Trackwatch®

Gatewatcher advanced threats detection solution.

Download Gatewatcher's complete Trackwatch® detection solution brochure. This brochure contains all the elements necessary for a synthetic understanding of our solution:

  • The operation of our unique detection technology
  • Detection probes integration into your information system
  • Our tailor-made offers designed to fit all your needs, whether you are an organisation, company, industry or public institution

Download Trackwatch® brochure

Gatewatcher advanced threats detection system

Advanced threats detection by Gatewatcher

Publisher of Trackwatch® detection system, Gatewatcher is trusted at government level and by companies in strategic industries such as Energy, Banking and Transportation.

Our solutions are designed for every companies, organisations or institutions willing to have an optimal threat detection capacity.

The project started in 2015 with Jacques de La Rivière, engineer, and Phillippe Gillet, security expert.

A detection system qualified by the French Cybersecurity Agency

On April 4th 2019, the French Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) delivered the Security Visa to Trackwatch® Full Edition, the detection system published by Gatewatcher.

This qualification meets high security and trust requirements in order for critical industries, organisations, institutions and companies to rely on.

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A wide range of detection probes

Trackwatch® detection system targets abnormal behaviour by running dynamic analysis of weak signals within network flows.

Always close to innovation, it auto-adapts to polymorphic threats ensuring a strong accuracy against advanced threats.

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